Wholesale Superfoods Australia

At NSM Foods, we provide the highest-quality wholesale superfoods to some of Australia’s largest supermarkets, restaurants and bulk food stores. In recent years, demand for these so-called “superfoods” has risen dramatically! But why have these foods taken Australia by storm and how can we implement them into our diet?

Superfoods are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and other goodies. They contain antioxidants, phytochemicals, dietary fibre and beneficial fats and enzymes. You can add them into smoothies, salads, baked goods and just about anything you can think of! From Black Chia Seeds to Dried Blueberries, they provide a delicious nutritional-boost to almost any recipe.

Your customers will love our range of delicious superfoods! We provide the freshest, best-tasting wholesale superfoods for businesses big and small. With almost 60 years of experience in the wholesale foods industry, we have the knowledge and experience to help satisfy the demands of your customers. We conduct our roasting, blending and packaging processes in-house to ensure maximum quality and value.

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