Contract Roasting

Roasting nuts has become synonymous with the NSM brand. Honing techniques passed on through the generations, NSM has constantly experimented to increase the quality, efficiency and flavour of its end product. Roasting since its inception, NSM Foods was the first Australian company to utilize Dry Roasting techniques, a technique still favored today.

Our ability to add flavour both savoury and sweet has become one of our specialised offerings - chilli, pepper, honey, tamari and chai are just a few of the options available. 

We manufacture large quantities of branded 'butter' for a number of Australian companies. Specializing in Almond, Peanut, ABC and Premium Nut Spreads we also can help manufacture a custom blend all produced 100% in-house. 

We also specialize in blending/contract manufacturing specialist Tea's for clients. Get in touch to see how we can help manufacture your custom blends. 

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