Monthly Specials & New Products

Dear NSM Family,

We're excited to announce some exciting new additions to our product line and special deals! At NSM Foods, we're dedicated to bringing you the best products and the best value, and these new offerings are no exception.

New Products:

  1. Coconut Cluster Varieties - available for a limited time sample all the flavors or just one! Available in a range of flavors from Peanut, Sesame, Coffee & Original these babies are perfect for snacking.

  2. Dark Chocolate Cranberries - Perfect for snacking, decorating & adding to mixes, great deal for Easter. 

  3. Rosehip Tea Granules - Boasting ample vitamins & minerals, there's no wonder why this is classified as a 'wonder tea'. levels.

  4. Native Australian Line -We are proud of our local products and are extremely grateful to be able to bring you local products at reduced prices. Now stocking Australia's best including: Lemon Aspen, Rivermint Tea, Native Lemongrass, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, Desert Lime, Native Thyme, Finger Lime, Round Leaf Mint Tea, Mountain Pepper Leaf, Finger Lime Powder, Roasted Wattleseed (ground & whole), Bush Tomato, Quandong, Davidson Plum (powder & whole), Mountain Pepperberry, Kakadu Plum.
  5. 100% Organic Honey PowderMade from 100% natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free honey from Yucatan and formulated with organic Maltodextrin to result in a free-flowing powder. Applications include confectionery, cereal and snack bars, snacks and bakery products among many others
  6. 100% Organic Inulin Powder - Traditionally used to boost fibre content in foods, Inulin is found in pulses & lentils alike. Used commonly in powder form as an additive to smoothies, juices & other goodies, Inulin works great for upping the fibre content of your favorite foods. 
  7. Barley Grass Powder - Containing a wide spectrum of nutrients, our Barley Grass boasts the only vegetation on earth that supplies nutritional support from birth to old age. 
  8. Chlorella Powder - Chlorella, as a true freshwater green-algae, is well known as a ‘Superfood’ for its detoxifying properties, high levels of chlorophyll and β-carotene and supporting healthy levels of intestinal microflora. A potent powder powerhouse, try our Chlorella powder today! 
  9. 100% Organic Camu Camu Powder - Now stocking 100% Organic Certified Camu Camu Powder. Of Peruvian Origin, our Camu Camu is a high-strength immune-boosting super powder that grows exclusively along Amazonian River Basins. 

Monthly Specials/Price Drops:

  1. Almonds - Deals on Almonds this month - Enquire for our deals on selected cuts, 
  2. Organic Maple Syrup in 250ml Jar
  3.  Honey Macadamia, almost half price! 
  4. Peanut VK6   

Email or call the office on 03 9380 8789 to learn more.