Salt Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt (Coarse)

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Pink Himalayan crystal sea salt (coarse) offers a wonderful taste and appeal to many dishes. It can easily be used in replacement to other salts as it upholds a delicious flavour and texture which will compliment an array of different meals. Pink Himalayan crystal sea salt not only tastes great, but also upholds many health promoting benefits which are great for living and maintaining a well balanced diet. By sprinkling this beautiful salt onto your meals, it has been said to help regulate the water content throughout the body and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease! Pink Himalayan crystal sea salt is deliciously delicate yet offers a magnificent melt in your mouth sensation and crunchy bite. They are the perfect finishing flavour to a array of yummy meat, chicken and fish dishes and also compliment the flavours when incorporated into a refreshing salad or vegetable dish. It also tastes great when combined into an array of delicious sauces, marinades, seasonings, dips delicious baked goods such as breads and also works well when used to add flavour desserts such as salted caramels...YUM!



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