Peekaboo I Sesame See(d) You!!!

Hey guys Saeed here to give you all the info on the yummiest ‘Super Seed’ around!

Sporting both a somewhat nutty taste entwined with a delicate yet silky crunch, Sesame Seeds are also the main ingredient in our world famous Tahini!

A Prized Seed dating back at least 5000 years, the mighty Sesame Seed reigns supreme for its lovely taste and its impressive health benefit profile!

Fun Fact: You know that phrase “Open Sesame”!? Did you know it’s actually a description of how the Sesame Seed Pod bursts open when it reaches maturity!

Alright my friend here we go! Just a few of the many benefits of Sesame Seed includes:

  • Reduced Blood Pressure– Sesame Seeds and their associated Oil harbour a beneficial quality in those with high blood pressure. Substitution of all dietary oils with Sesame Oil reduced systolic/dystolic (bad) blood pressure to normal!
  • Sesame Seeds are also a valuable source of protein! Such a high profile of protein (100g of Sesame Seeds has approximately 18g of Protein). This can promote healthy bone/muscle growth!
  • Sesame Seeds are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins including: a rich source of copper, a very good source of manganese, and a good source of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, molybdenum and selenium.
  • Benefits of Copper– Copper is known for its reducing effect of pain and swelling! Copper holds a number of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant enzyme systems which helps with those nasty pains you might have!
  • Benefits of Magnesium- Magnesium helps lower high blood pressure, a contributing factor in heart attacks, and diabetic heart disease. Magnesium also helps prevent the trigeminal blood vessel spasm which can trigger migraine attacks.
  • Benefits of Zinc- Zinc is a magical mineral boasting benefits such as enhancing bone mineral density! There have been numerous studies that the consumption of Zinc can assist enhance bone density which may reduce the risk of disease such as osteoporosis!

How to enjoy you’re new best friend!

  1. Add Sesame Seeds to you’re next favourite muffin, cookie or cake mix! They will add a delightful, nutritious addition to any bake,
  2. Spread NSM Brand Tahini on toasted bread or as a dip for breads for a flavour explosion,
  3. Sauté chicken or any meat with sesame seeds with soy sauce for a gorgeous, healthy, asian inspired meal,
  4. Sprinkle on you’re next salad for a complementing yet not over-powering addition,
  5. Eat a handful on the go for a quick boost of energy/protein source!

OKAY, so you’re ready to give them a shot?

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Saeed From NSM