Are You Hazel-Nuts?


The Humble Hazelnut has been a staple part of the nut family for generations, and for good reason too!

Also known as filberts, Hazelnuts boast a sweet nutty flavour profile and are frequently used in baked recipes however many chefs have incorporated the heavenly hazelnut into almost any dish you can think of!

As a relatively high calorie nut (178 calories a serve), high in protein, carbohydrate and dietary fibre, hazelnuts provide essential nutrients to the body.

Ok Saeed sweet, hit me with some benefits!

We got oh so many benefits for the humble hazelnut including:

  • Cardiovascular benefits– Rich in unsaturated (the good kind) of fats! Such fats work to lower the LDL (Bad) cholesterol and raise the HDL (Good) kind! Just one cup of these bad-boys has enough magnesium for half your daily needs! Magnesium is crucial in regulating calcium levels in muscles. When unregulated, magnesium in muscles has the potential to negatively impact upon heart contractions!
  • Muscles– Ok so not only do Hazelnuts provide uber amounts of magnesium for the heart, they also provide magnesium of the other muscles around the body! The correct amount of calcium assists in muscular contraction, and promotes muscular relaxation when they’re not needed, this can help reduce stress, cramps and painful muscle spasms (OUCHHH!)
  • Skin Care– Providing almost 90% of the recommended vitamin E, an essential vitamin found to protect the skin from harmful radiation, hazelnuts will have you looking cuter than EVER! =)
  • Nervous System– Rich in Vitamin B6, a crucial vitamin which helps establish myelin (ok science nerds you’re time to shine!) Myelin or myelin sheath helps insulate the nerve which assists the speedy and efficient delivery of electrical impulses around the body! This in turn helps the nervous system operate optimally, PHEW, thats enough science tap for today!
  • TASTE GREAT– Do I need to say more? Hazelnuts just taste amazing, no explanation needed, anyway you like them you can’t go wrong, I love them roasted but I can never go past some raw babies either!

Ok so how do I enjoy them?

Glad you asked my friend! Here’s how you can enjoy you’re freshest asset to the kitchen:

  • Historically, Hazelnuts have been incorporated into more sweet baked goods such as pies. You can’t go past some old fashion hazelnut pie!
  • Why not try some homemade Hazelnut ice cream? Get some hazelnut meal and mush and SMOOSH it into some vanilla ice cream! EASY, HEALTHY, AND OH SO YUMMY!
  • Sprinkle Hazelnuts on you’re favourite salad for a nutty, yet palette promoting creamy layer of flavour mmmmmmmmmm
  • Add hazelnuts to your favourite trail mix!

You can’t go wrong my friends, hazelnuts are the BEST!

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