Cashew Nut Butter (100% Natural)

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Our cashew spread is made from 100% all natural ground cashews. With a delicious smooth texture that tastes unbelievable there is no going past this amazing spread! It tastes great on toast, added into breakfast mueslis, used in delicious baked goods such as slices, tarts, cookies, muffins and cakes and is the perfect healthy spread that is great for dipping. Because our cashew spread is completely natural and contains no preservatives or additives it retains all of its nutritional value, high in protein, vitamin E and unsaturated fats, which contribute greatly to lowering cholesterol levels and cardiovascular diseases…WOW! Please Note: Unlike most nut spreads and butters the natural oils in the Nuts About Life nut spreads are not subjected to hydrogenation. In normal spreads this hydrogenation turns liquid oils into solids so that they will not separate out. However hydrogenation also produces trans fatty acids and these have negative health effects. - Nuts About Life nut spreads contain only natural oils. - Nuts About Life nut spreads contain no hydrogenated Oils. - Nuts About Life nut spreads contain no trans fats. When using Nuts About Life nut spreads simply stir in the natural oils. Do not pour off the oil as this will leave you with a dry spread.



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