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Roasting nuts has been a staple of NSM since its inception. Working from a well-established roasting technique NSM has constantly experimented to increase the quality, efficiency and flavour of its technique as well as its end product.

Peanuts, almonds and cashews just to mention a few, have been roasted daily for over 30 years. During this time NSM has experimented with a multitude of roasting and flavour concepts ranging from a dry-roasting technique that improves the quality of the roasted product, to contrasting flavours of honey-roasted cashews.


Contract Roasting

Roasting nuts has been synonymous with NSM since its establishment in 1962. We roast nuts every day, and can roast and package nuts for your business.  Our roasting technique is based on over 50 years of experience producing roasted nuts of the highest caliber for your needs.


Shopping Tour

We have welcomed Shopping Tours to NSM for over 15 years.   At our direct public outlet at 381 Victoria St. Brunswick, we are equipped to handle Shopping Tours offering a complete range of all our stocked products. Please call us direct on 9 380 8789 to discuss your shopping tour options.



NSM can package products for you. Anything from nuts and dried fruit, to pulses, confectionary and spices can be packaged in a number of weights and packages. We  provide packaging as well as labelling for your products.



Multiple Pricing Tiers

Price A
Whole Unit.  “It’s cheaper by the box!”.  The least expensive alternative.  We are a wholesale food outlet, and when we receive goods, they arrive to our premises in particular units.  These units vary by product, for example a box of Almond’s Raw comes to us in a 12.5kg box. Purchase the whole unit and you will receive the cheapest price.

Price B
Less Than the Whole Unit.  We understand that a whole unit purchase can be inconvenient for you.  Therefore, we place no sanctions on the amount of the product you purchase.  The handling and breaking of boxes means that the Price B tier is a fraction more expensive to you (40 cents per Kg).

Price C
At NSM we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our customers. We offer a customised packaging service where the  goods you purchase are packaged to your specifications. We will individually repack your goods ranging from 250 grams, 500 grams, 1kg packs or what ever your requirements you need.  NSM will individually label the packaging with your company name and address. Contact us on 03) 9380 8789 for more information and discuss pricing