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Peanuts Roasted in the Shell Wholesaler

Peanuts Roasted in the Shell


These delicious fresh peanuts, still contained in their shell have been lightly roasted to encase their delicious flavours, making them incredibly addictive! Not just because of their yummy tastes and flavours but also because of the fun nature of cracking them open!

Peanuts are naturally high in protein making them incredibly good for muscle development!

These yummy nuts not only taste great on their own, but are also delicious when combined into a yummy trail mix, fruit and nut mix and also taste great in a number of dishes. From Indian to Asian cuisines there is no going past these tasty peanuts!



  • Colour
    Should be creamy kernels in a light brown skin, encased in a light brown shell, with minimal discoloration and blemishes.
  • Odour
    Should be free from any musty or other objectionable odours and taints.
  • Texture
    Should be crunchy texture kernels in a soft, easy breaking shell, free flowing roasted peanuts in a shell.
  • Moisture
    8.0% maximum
  • Foreign Material
    0.01% maximum
Clean, Dry, Cool Area, Free from infestation, recommended Temperature 0-15 Celsius
Country of Origin
  • Energy
    2590 kJ
  • Protein
    27.4 g
  • Fat Total
    49.5 g
  • - Saturated
    9.4 g
  • Carbohydrate
    16.9 g
  • - Sugars
    2.0 g
  • Sodium
    820 mg
The information contained in this specification is based on data considered to be accurate and reliable as at the date of the specification to the best of the supplier's knowledge and belief. It is user's obligation to determine the safe use of the product for it's own applications or suitability for use since the conditions of use, handling, storage and disposal are beyond the supplier's control. The user should therefore use any precaution as are necessary to ensure the safe and suitable use of the product described in the specification.