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Hazelnuts Roasted Unsalted Wholesaler

Hazelnuts Roasted Unsalted


Our delicious roasted hazelnuts have been dry roasted to perfection, with no added oils used throughout the roasting process, makes these bad boys a taste sensation! Containing high levels of protein, fiber, iron and vitamins B1, B2, C and E makes these cheeky nuts great for your body!
They not only contain many essential nutrients, but are also delicious and can easily be used in a number of yummy dishes.
They can be added into breakfast cereals, muesli mixes or granolas, combined into a delicious dessert, fruit and nut mix, muesli bar and even used as a topper over yoghurt and ice-cream, turned into a nutritious nut butter and mixed in with your morning smoothies for some extra flavour!
They are great when mixed in with fresh salads and delicious fish and meat dishes…YUM!
How do you like to cook with hazelnuts?


Hazelnuts, Peanut Oil

  • Colour
    Overall brown colour
  • Moisture
    7% maximum
  • Foreign Material
Clean, Dry, Cool Area, Free from infestation, recommended Temperature 0-15 Celsius
Country of Origin
Processed in Australia from Imported Hazels
A) 10kg - Cardboard carton containing 2 x 5kg poly bags heat sealed
  • Energy
    2878 kJ
  • Protein
    15.4 g
  • Fat Total
    62.3 g
  • - Saturated
    6.7 g
  • Carbohydrate
    6.7 g
  • - Sugars
    3.6 g
  • Sodium
    14 mg
The information contained in this specification is based on data considered to be accurate and reliable as at the date of the specification to the best of the supplier's knowledge and belief. It is user's obligation to determine the safe use of the product for it's own applications or suitability for use since the conditions of use, handling, storage and disposal are beyond the supplier's control. The user should therefore use any precaution as are necessary to ensure the safe and suitable use of the product described in the specification.