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Cashews Roasted Unsalted Wholesaler

Cashews Roasted Unsalted (320 Grade)


Our delicious roasted cashews are incredibly tasty, and have become one of Australia’s most loved nuts. These cashew nuts are and excellent source of protein, fiber and are also rice in mono-unsaturated fats, which has been said to help protect the heart.

Not only do these babies contain many health promoting benefits but are also a fantastic ingredient in the kitchen. They are great for snacking on their own and also taste great when incorporated into a nutritious trail mix, muesli or granola mix and also taste great when sprinkled over yoghurt or ice-cream. They are a fantastic addition when used in yummy baked goods such as, cakes, fruit and nut loafs, slices, tarts, pies, bars and even used to make nut spreads! Offsetting a delicious flavour to stir-fries, curries and savory dishes that can be offered to friends and family when entertaining.

They are great for kids lunchboxes and taking along to work and are the perfect afternoon snack that will boost your energy levels right up!

No matter how you like to enjoy these delicious unsalted roasted cashews, you will certainly understand why these babies are one of out top sellers!


Cashews, Peanut Oil

  • Colour
    Even Light Brown
Clean, Dry, Cool Area, Free from infestation, recommended Temperature 0-15 Celsius
Country of Origin
Processed in Australia using Local & Imported Products
roasted n/s 320 5kg
  • Energy
    2523 kJ
  • Protein
    20.6 g
  • Fat Total
    45.8 g
  • - Saturated
    4.4 g
  • Carbohydrate
    28.1 g
  • - Sugars
    4.9 g
  • Sodium
    15 mg
The information contained in this specification is based on data considered to be accurate and reliable as at the date of the specification to the best of the supplier's knowledge and belief. It is user's obligation to determine the safe use of the product for it's own applications or suitability for use since the conditions of use, handling, storage and disposal are beyond the supplier's control. The user should therefore use any precaution as are necessary to ensure the safe and suitable use of the product described in the specification.