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Cashews Wasabi Wholesaler

Cashews Wasabi (Wasabi)


These delicious roasted wasabi cashews pack some serious punch and are the perfect snack for all lovers of something spicy!
Enriched with their signature wasabi smells and tastes, makes these cashews seriously addictive. They are a great savory snack to share with friends and family when entertaining and are the perfect treat to snack on at work or when you’re on the go.

Whichever way you like to enjoy these delicious wasabi flavoured cashews we know they will taste great!


Cashews, wasabi flavour

  • Colour
    Light golden colouring infused with green tones dusted over the nut, typical of wasabi Cashews
  • Odour
    Strong wasabi scent, typical of wasabi Cashews
  • Texture
    Smooth texture with a crunchy bite, typical of wasabi Cashews
Store in a clean, cool, dry place
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