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Almonds Bitter Roasted Salted Wholesaler

Almonds Bitter Roasted Salted (Apricot Kernels)


These delicious roasted salted bitter almonds or apricot kernels are the small seed found inside the pit of an apricot. With a strong resemblance to almonds themselves, they have been adopted into the nut family with open arms. Offering a sweet yet bitter taste and many nutritious health benefits makes these delicious nuts irresistible. Bitter Almonds contain high levels of Amygdalin or vitamin B17, which have been said to reduce the risks of cancer and help lower the risks of cardiovascular disease.
They are great for snacking on, once cracked open (like a pistachio) and can become incredibly addictive!

No matter how you like to enjoy these delicious nuts, we know they will do your body good!

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