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Saeed here and NO before you ask, I have not gone crazy, I am serious!  There is nothing wrong wiht some lollies every now and then to give you that well-deserved sugar BLAST! Of course, like all good things, moderation is key, but let me tell you why lollies, other than being oh so yummy, can […]

Time To SPICE Up You’re Life!

Hey Guys, Saeed here to fill you in on why spices are your new best friend in the kitchen!  Not only boasting exciting effects to your taste buds, spices are composed of an oh so impressive list of nutrients, essential oils, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins essential for YOUR wellbeing!  Spices have been found to be […]

NSM Home Cooking Series: Volume 7

HEY GUYS! We are BACK with yet another instalment of NSM’s famous ‘Home Cooking Series’! Today I thought we’d get back to our roots and prepare a famous Middle Eastern Recipe, The highly acclaimed ‘Lebanese Zaatar Bread’!  This baby is SO EASY! You’ll be done in a HEARTBEAT wondering why you haven’t tried it earlier! Without further […]

Why we are SO NUTTY!

People always ask us “how come you guys are so adamant about the benefits of eating nuts?” Before I start let me begin by stating we don’t ONLY sell nuts, we sell oh so many categories of food but for the benefit of the above question, I’m gonna fill you in on some sweet benefits […]

Whats the fuss with ‘fresh ingredients’?

Hey guys Saeed here mixing things up a lil’! Here to tell you why you should… Give A Damn About Fresh Ingredients!!!! I get it! I do, I get it can be hard to prioritise food and ensure you’re always getting the ‘right’, ‘healthy’, ‘fresh’ meals in during the day, but let me tell you why […]

Are you hazel-NUTS?

WELL YOU SHOULD BE!!! The Humble Hazelnut has been a staple part of the nut family for generations, and for good reason too! Also known as filberts, Hazelnuts boast a sweet nutty flavour profile and are frequently used in baked recipes however many chefs have incorporated the heavenly hazelnut into almost any dish you can think […]


Saeed here and we’re BACK with ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL episode of ‘NSM Home Cooking Series’!!! I was thinking why not continue the breakfast vibes with the yummiest smoothie of all time!!! Breakfast really is the best meal of the day isn’t it? You know what makes this smoothie even better!? You can have it at ANY PART OF THE […]

NSM Home Cooking Series: Volume 5

Saeed here and we’re BACK with yet ANOTHER episode of ‘NSM Home Cooking Series’!!! Today I thought we’d focus on breakfast!!! Who doesn’t love the thought of waking up to the most badass smoothie you’ve been dreaming of…? The Oh So Yummy Breakfast Jam Jar Smoothie!   What could be better than the yummiest, tastiest, […]

Don’t Be Salty :( Just Add A Lil’ Salt!

Hey Guys, Saeed here to fill you in on another spotlighted product from the lovely NSM showroom! Today we’re showcasing the humble condiment, Salt! Yep, something so simple as Salt definitely deserves its own NSM Showcase! And here’s why my friends!!! Critical to human existence, Salt has been a part of the human diet since […]

Peekaboo I Sesame See(d) YOU!!!

Hey guys Saeed here to give you all the info on the yummiest ‘Super Seed’ around! Sporting both a somewhat nutty taste entwined with a delicate yet silky crunch, Sesame Seeds are also the main ingredient in our world famous Tahini! A Prized Seed dating back at least 5000 years, the mighty Sesame Seed reigns supreme for […]