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Nutmeg (Ground)


Nutmeg is a beautiful warm, aromatic spice that offers gorgeous, complimenting flavours and tastes to a number of savory and sweet dishes. This wonderful spic e is an all time Aussie favourite and can easily be found in most households, as it presents a sweet yet peppery flavour to an array of yummy dishes.

Nutmeg can easily be sprinkled into delicious soups, sauces, marinades and spreads and is the classic component used to flavour b├ęchamel sauce which is used to make lasagne. Nutmeg tastes great when incorporated into flavoursome pies, pastries and dusted over roasted vegetables or mixed in with mashed potatoes, it can easily be added to celebratory spiced cakes during Christmas, mouth-watering biscuits, cookies, custards and muffins!

Nutmeg not only tastes great and can easily be incorporated into a number of delicious dishes but also upholds many health promoting benefits that are great for managing a healthy lifestyle. Containing high amounts of potassium, calcium and iron help to contribute to building up the body’s immune system, improve digestive health and blood circulation.

Try stirring a little nutmeg into a warm glass of milk before bed and be sure it will help you relax and ease into a comforting sleep!



  • Colour
    Pale greyish to dark brown
  • Odour
    Characteristic warm aroma
  • Moisture
    14% maximum
Clean, Dry, Cool Area, Free from infestation, recommended Temperature 0-15 Celsius
Country of Origin
A) 25kg - Poly woven sack sewn
B) 1kg - Poly bag heat sealed (10 to ctn)
C) 1kg - Resealable poly bag heat sealed (6 to ctn)
  • Energy
    2196 kJ
  • Protein
    5.8 g
  • Fat Total
    36.3 g
  • - Saturated
    25.9 g
  • Carbohydrate
    49.3 g
  • - Sugars
  • Sodium
    100 mg
The information contained in this specification is based on data considered to be accurate and reliable as at the date of the specification to the best of the supplier's knowledge and belief. It is user's obligation to determine the safe use of the product for it's own applications or suitability for use since the conditions of use, handling, storage and disposal are beyond the supplier's control. The user should therefore use any precaution as are necessary to ensure the safe and suitable use of the product described in the specification.