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Mustard Seeds Yellow Wholesaler

Mustard Seeds Yellow


These beautiful yellow mustard seeds are an excellent addition to a number of delicious meals and allow you to relish your senses in the spicy, aromatic rustic tastes and fragrances that they have to offer. Derived from the mustard plant themselves, gives these wonderful seeds the ability to contribute greatly to the body’s overall health and have been said to contain high levels of selenium and magnesium which have been shown to help reduce the severity of asthma, decrease some of the symptoms linked to arthritis, lower blood pressure and help prevent cancer…WOW!

Yellow mustard seeds are not only good for you, but they add fantastic flavours to a range of delicious foods (packing less heat then the brown seeds), including spreads, marinades, sauces and dressings, they work well when tossed into refreshing salads and yummy meat, chicken and fish dishes, and add fantastic flavours when combined into flavoursome cous cous, quinoa and millet dishes.

No matter how you like to incorporate yellow mustard seeds into your cooking, we know they will enhance the flavours and aromas of any dish!


Yellow Mustard Seed

  • Colour
    Light Creamy Yellow to Yellow
  • Odour
    Characteristic, free from any musty or other objectionable odours.
  • Texture
    Should be uniform in size and colour.
Clean, Dry out of Direct Sunlight, Cool Area, Free from infestation, recommended Temperature 0-15 Celsius
Country of Origin
Australia, Canada or India
A) 20kg - Polypropylene Woven Bags
B) 1kg - Heat sealed resealable laminate pouches in cardboard carton sealed with tape. (6 to ctn)
  • Energy
    1964 kJ
  • Protein
    24.94 g
  • Fat Total
    28.76 g
  • - Saturated
    1.46 g
  • Carbohydrate
    34.94 g
  • - Sugars
    32.92 g
  • Sodium
    5.0 mg
The information contained in this specification is based on data considered to be accurate and reliable as at the date of the specification to the best of the supplier's knowledge and belief. It is user's obligation to determine the safe use of the product for it's own applications or suitability for use since the conditions of use, handling, storage and disposal are beyond the supplier's control. The user should therefore use any precaution as are necessary to ensure the safe and suitable use of the product described in the specification.