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Broad Beans (Wasabi Flavour)


Roasted Broad Beans, (Fava Beans) are the split Broad Bean that have been roasted and lightly sprinkled with a wasabi flavouring, generating a savoury taste and snack. The roasted Broad Bean contains many nutrient factors such as protein and approximately half the fat content of popular corn and potato snacks.
These are an ideal savoury snack, great for children’s lunches or combined with nut mixes.


Broad Beans, flavouring

  • Colour
    Creamy light tones, with green wasabi flavouring, typical of wasabi flavoured Broad Beans
  • Odour
    Strong wasabi odour, typical of wasabi flavoured Broad Beans
  • Texture
    Smooth bean with a crunchy bite, typical of wasabi flavoured Broad Beans
Store in a clean, cool, dry place
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